Our Rates

LIBATION is licensed by the USCG to carry 6 paying passengers.


Spring Striper 8 Hours $1200   Open Boat  $200 per angler

Spring Drum   8 hours $1200  Open Boat $200 per angler

Fluke/Flounder    8 hours $1495  Open Boat  $250 per angler

Fall Striper    8 hours $1200  Open Boat  $200 per angler / Live Bait available at market price



Trolling or Bottom Fishing

Inshore 4 Hours $ 850    No Open Boat available

Inshore 6 Hours $ 950    No Open Boat available

Inshore 8 Hours $ 1050    No Open Boat available



Tuna Chunking 30/40 Fathoms 12/14 hours $ 2995   Open Boat  $ 500 per angler

Shark Fishing 20/30 Fathoms 12 hours $ 2295   Open Boat  $ 390 per angler

Canyon Trolling 100+ Fathoms 14/15 hours $ 3295 Targeting Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi    Open Boat  $550 per angler

Offshore Sea Bass 55 miles from CM 12 Hours $ $2395 Open water vertical jigging for Jumbo Sea Bass    Open Boat  $ 400 per angler

Canyon Overnighter 100 to 1000 fathoms 24/26 hours $ 4295 Targeting Tuna, Marlin, Mahi on troll. Targeting Swordfish, Mako, and Tuna while Chunking at night.    Open Boat  $ 725 per angler

A typical Canyon Trolling Trip on LIBATION will depart between Midnight and 3 am. This will allow us to get to the offshore grounds at first light. We will troll all day, and start heading back in the early afternoon. Depending on the bite, travel time will be between 2 to 3 hours each way.

A typical Canyon Overnighter on LIBATION will depart at noon of the first day. We will troll until last light, and then set up for Mako or Swords and chunk for Tuna overnight. We will get back on troll at first light, for that first bite of the day. By mid morning we will start heading back in, arriving back in Cape May around mid day.